CBR Discussion for 04.09.12

Exodus 21, 1 Kings 16, Jeremiah 5, 2 Peter 3

Friendship: House Rules

In Exodus 21, we are in the midst of God managing His children. Every parent tries to set up the rules of the house. This is how you will treat your sibling or this is what will happen when you break something. God has to set up these rules so that people will love each other well and not take advantage of each other. This is really the “x’s and o’s “of love.

Friendship Question: What were your house rules growing up and what has or will translate to how you set the rules in your house as a parent?

Repentance: Stubborn Hearts

Did you love the rules your parents gave you? How about your Heavenly Father? We all have parts of our heart that are hardened to what God wants for us. We need to continually soften them towards God. Jeremiah 5 is a stark warning about not following God’s rule and reign and the consequences that come.

Repentance Question: What areas of your life do you see a need to let God rule there more? Finances, Marriage, Parenting, Spiritual disciplines, Friendship, Work, etc.

Faith: There is still hope

In 2 Peter 3, there is hope for those who repent. He will come back and redeem us and give us new bodies. No more sin, no more pain, no more toil, no more struggle. We will be free to fully love and be with God and His people forever.

Faith Question: What are you looking forward to in heaven?

Focus/Mission: We are Kings

Even in light of all God does to command; he still leaves his people to lead each other. It’s amazing.  Look at 1 Kings 16. The King really defines the tone and culture of the people. What a scary thought. As an analogy, the ski boat drive really defines where the skiers go. Each king is a different driver and each has their own effects.

Focus/Mission Question: Where is one place that you are in authority? What can you do to be more intentional in those areas?


Tuesday’s Readings: Exodus 22, 1 Kings 17, Jeremiah 6, Luke 1
Wednesday’s Readings: Exodus 23, 1 Kings 18, Jeremiah 7, Luke 2
Thursday’s Readings: Exodus 24, 1 Kings 19, Jeremiah 8, Luke 3
Friday’s Readings: Exodus 25, 1 Kings 20, Jeremiah 9, Luke 4
Saturday’s Readings: Psalm 43, Psalm 44, Psalm 45


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