CBR Discussion for 04.16.12

Exodus 26, 1 Kings 21, Jeremiah 10, Luke 5

Friendship: The Nesting Phase

In Exodus 26, God is actively building His nation. He has His people and now He is setting up how they will live. In this chapter, He is literally and  figuratively setting up His living room in the tabernacle.  In adulthood, we have all had this experience. Whether it was your first apartment, first house, or first kid, we have all “nested.”  We have all set up how we will live and what it will look like.

Friendship Question: Name a time recently where you, your spouse, your roommate, or a family member has hit a nesting phase. What was it like? What were you/they worried about creating? How intent were you/they to get it done?

Repentance: The Decorations of Life

Jeremiah 10 is another home and garden experience, but in a much different light. The House of Israel has been decorated by God’s people but God is not impressed with the motif. The Isrealites are following the fads of the nations around them. They have adorned their homes and the temple with the images of idols made with wood, metals, silver, and gold. God is calling them out on their foolishness. What’s worse is that they aren’t just using it as decoration, the ornaments are beginning to define what they do and how they live. What a mess!!

Repentance Question: What are the “ornaments” in your life that distract you from following and worshipping Jesus? Ex. Money, people, entertainment, success, pleasure, etc. Why is it so distracting and attractive and how is it a lie?

Faith: The Call of Discipleship

Luke 5 gives us great hope and faith. Jesus is calling us away from the world. In the disciples’ case, Jesus is calling them from the work of fishing to the work of the gospel. It seems like a scary calling: away for the security of a job and to the great frontier of Christ’s work. Jesus shows them a different expectation. Jesus show the disciples that He isn’t just the master of souls but fish and all other things too. The disciples failed at fishing that day and Jesus succeeded and won them a huge abundance of fish. We see the unknown and unseen of the Christian life as a scary consideration. In reality, we care being called to cling to the one that is the King of all and can meet our every need. He is calling us to follow Him not the “ornaments” of our life.

Faith Question: How does God deliver so much more at that the “ornaments” that we’re attracted to above? What is God calling you to instead?

Focus/Mission: A Case Study in “Ornament” Killing

1 Kings 21 is a perfect case study of this work. Ahab is going through this exact process. He is attracted to earthly ornaments, God convicts him through his friend, Elijah, and Ahab repents beautifully. Elijah causes Ahab to think about the future implications of his actions. What will happen to the idol? What will happen to Ahab and all those under Ahab’s care? It is a frightening scenario that makes Ahab so upset that he tears his clothes.

Focus/Mission Question: What does true repentance look like for you as you run from the ornaments of you life and to Jesus? Is God calling you to be Elijah to a friend? What can you do to lead that friend to repentance as Elijah did for Ahab?

Tuesday’s Readings: Exodus 27, 1 Kings 22, Jeremiah 11, Luke 6
Wednesday’s Readings: Exodus 28, 2 Kings 1, Jeremiah 12, Luke 7
Thursday’s Readings: Exodus 29, 2 Kings 2, Jeremiah 13, Luke 8
Friday’s Readings: Exodus 30, 2 Kings 3, Jeremiah 14, Luke 9
Saturday’s Readings: Psalm 46, Psalm 47, Psalm 48