CBR Discussion for 04.23.12

Exodus 31, 2 Kings 4, Jeremiah 15, Luke 10

Friendship: The Buddy System

In Luke 10, Jesus is officially beginning to multiply His mission. He chooses the seventy-two and sends them out two by two. It would have been an amazingly exciting time. Imagine being sent out by Jesus with a buddy to go invite others into God’s kingdom. The atmosphere must have been electric. On top of that, they were sent out with nothing, no money, no food, no transportation, no clothes. It was like a Christ centered amazing race.

Friendship Question: Imagine you are given this opportunity to go out and play a Christ centered amazing race. Would you be excited or nervous? Who would you want to be paired with? What creature comforts would you miss the most? What would you most look forward to in the adventure?

Repentance: Success and Failure

2 Kings 4 and Jeremiah 15 are a deeper window into what it looked like for the seventy-two out in the field. 2 Kings 4 shows Elisha in a time of impressive success, but Jeremiah 15 shows Jeremiah trying to figure out why he is failing and lamenting over it.

Repentance Question: We all succeed and fail at some point and time in our life. How do you react when you succeed: do you brag, boast, or give God the Glory? What about when you fail: do you have a pity party, blame shift, get angry, quit, or truly lament and seek God for guidance? What are you tendencies? Ask God to change your heart.

Faith: Seeing God Work

Continuing in Luke 10, The Seventy-two come back to Jesus buzzing with storiesof where God has worked through them and for others. They saw things that very few people in all of humanity see, the power of God in action. Even Jesus states the rarity of this in vs.24. Just like the seventy-two,God is working in and through you right now. Here is the problem. It isn’t as obvious. Sometimes it even looks like failure as we see in Jeremiah 15. To grow our faith we must grow the skill of seeing how God works and to do that we must learn how He works.

Faith Question: Take a moment to reflect on your past week, where did you see God work through you to encourage and love those around you? What does that do to you faith?

Focus/Mission: Who are you being sent out to serve?

It’s the million dollar question, where can I draw the line? When can I take a break and not love? In Luke 10, a lawyer asks that very question after Jesus confirms the goal of life as love of God and love of neighbor. The lawyer then asks, “who is really my neighbor?” You can almost read the lawyer’s motives likes book. The lawyer is obviously asking we’re do I draw the line? Jesus takes a grenade launcher and destroys the line with one story, the parable of the Good Samaritan. It is a masterful story. The Samaritans were the black listed of society: dirty and untrustworthy. He not only tells the lawyer that they are to be loved as a neighbor but that they are capable of loving as a neighbor better than a lawyer. It is a game changer. It blows through our self righteousness and judgement. Jesus literally equalizes the playing field.

Focus/Mission Question: Think about how you go out and love like those seventy-two. Who do you quickly disqualify as someone to love as a neighbor? Who do you quickly disqualify as someone that you never receive love and help from? It could be a specific person or a type of person. What is one thing you can do this week to allow Jesus to work through you to love or receive love from that person better?


Tuesday’s Readings: Exodus 32, 2 Kings 5, Jeremiah 16, Luke 11
Wednesday’s Readings: Exodus 33, 2 Kings 6, Jeremiah 17, Luke 12
Thursday’s Readings: Exodus 34, 2 Kings 7, Jeremiah 18, Luke 13
Friday’s Readings: Exodus 35, 2 Kings 8, Jeremiah 19, Luke 14
Saturday’s Readings: Psalm 49, Psalm 50, Psalm 51


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