CBR Discussion for 04.30.12

Exodus 36, 2 Kings 9, Jeremiah 20, Luke 15

Friendship: What are You Dreaming About?

It is great to dream big dreams about the things or relationships that can make your life easier and more fun. Big or small, this is the mother of innovation, invention, and success. The combination of dreams and the desperation of a situation. It’s a beautiful equation that causes people to break through and redeem God’s design.

Friendship Question: What is one of your favorite inventions? Finish these statements. If they would only invent a (fill in the blank)? If someone would only become more (fill in the blank)?

Repentance: The Grass is Greener on the Other Side

The motives of the characters that are dreaming about a different life in today’s CBR are the same. Different than inventors, they are recklessly chasing a different life. In Luke 15, The prodigal son is saying that his way of life is better than his father’s. The sheep is saying that the grass he wants to eat is better than where the shepherd is leading it. In 2 Kings 9, Joram is saying that Jezebel’s care and wisdom is better than God’s. When we hope for something other than what God is currently giving us and that cause us to turn from God and to other answers that provide what we want, we are saying that those solutions are better than God. It is the classic thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side. We think that people have it better than us and we are a special case.

Repentance Question: Think back to a time recently where you thought, “if I only could solve this problem” or “if i was only able to have what someone else had.” How are you convicted in that thinking and want to repent?

Faith: The Fertilizer for the Grass on Our Side

Contentment is a tricky thing to grasp. To live in the tension of God’s will is perfect and the brokenness of a circumstance that you are begging to be changed. How do we react? Submission. Faithfully do your chores. Exodus 36 and Jeremiah 21 are perfect examples. The people building the tabernacle knew their role and submitted to it. Everyone couldn’t be Moses. They showed up faithfully with the skills and talents God gave them and gratitude for the work. Jeremiah is learning contentment in persecution. It’s a difficult position but he believes God has him there for a reason and he submits to God in it.

Faith Question: Where are you grateful for God’s blessing in your life in light of difficulties or ordinary work?

Focus/Mission: How can You Garden on Your Side?

It could be surprising that the Pharisees would call Jesus, the shepherd, the women looking for the lost coin, and the father in the prodigal son story the reckless ones. They are expending all their resources and capital to save one small lost item; a soul, a sheep, a coin, and a son. God has done that for us in the Gospel. He killed his favorite person for us. That is amazing love. Some would say reckless love.

Focus/Mission Question: What is one thing you can do this week to show this kind of radical love for someone in your life?

Tuesday’s Readings: Exodus 37, 2 Kings 10, Jeremiah 21, Luke 16
Wednesday’s Readings: Exodus 38, 2 Kings 11, Jeremiah 22, Luke 17
Thursday’s Readings: Exodus 39, 2 Kings 12, Jeremiah 23, Luke 18
Friday’s Readings: Exodus 40, 2 Kings 13, Jeremiah 24, Luke 19
Saturday’s Readings: Psalm 52, Psalm 53, Psalm 54


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