CBR Discussion for 05.07.12

Leviticus 1, 2 Kings 14, Jeremiah 25, Luke 20

Friendship: Snappy Comebacks

Today we are focusing on Luke 20. Jesus always seems to have the right things to say at the perfect moment. This chapter has at least 3 situations where Jesus just nails it. He has the perfect come back. No hesitation. There are those moments in life where you walk away from a conversation, disagreement, or general circumstance and say “I should have said that.” It happens to all of us.

Friendship Question: Think back to a time when you thought of the right things to say after a conversation or confrontation. What was it? What does that feel like?

Repentance: 2 Types of People

In Luke 20, there are two types of people. The teachable students of Jesus and the Pharisees. The Pharisees were putting constant confrontations and traps in front of Jesus. They sat back and critiqued. As the saying goes, “It’s much easier to critique than create.”

Repentance Question: Think back to a recent time where you were critical of someone or some thing. What was it? Why were you critical? Where do you see your sin in it like the Pharisees? Cry out to God and ask Him to send His spirit and break the cycle.

Faith: 2 Types of People: the right ones

The first type are the faithful. Humble, teachable and hungry for more of Jesus. What a great disposition. What do they get as a result? The secrets to the kingdom. Amazing insights into Jesus’ work and identity and how to deal with Rome and their money.

Faith Question: What is the latest benefit you have experienced or gained as a result of studying and relating to Jesus in His word and scripture?

Focus/Mission: Avoiding Long Robes, Sweet Words, and Seats Of Honor

Jesus closes the debate with a stark warning. Don’t be like the Pharisees and wear long robes, flatter each other, and claim the good seats. The cost is clear: great condemnation. Not convinced? Hope over to Jeremiah 25 and 2 Kings 14 to be convinced. The goal? Giving yourself as a sacrifice. The best worship to God. Humble yourself and He will exalt you. Leviticus 1 is a great picture of sacrificial worship.

Focus Question: what is one way you can make a smaller deal about yourself and a bigger real about Jesus this week?

Tuesday’s Readings: Leviticus 2, 2 Kings 15, Jeremiah 26, Luke 21
Wednesday’s Readings: Leviticus 3, 2 Kings 16, Jeremiah 27, Luke 22
Thursday’s Readings: Leviticus 4, 2 Kings 17, Jeremiah 28, Luke 23
Friday’s Readings: Leviticus 5, 2 Kings 18, Jeremiah 29, Luke 24
Saturday’s Readings: Psalm 55, Psalm 56, Psalm 57


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