CBR Discussion for 05.21.12

Leviticus 11, 2 Kings 24, Jeremiah 35, Acts 6

Friendship: Food Fight

In Leviticus 11, God is setting the menu for Israel. God isn’t trying to be high maintenance. He is keeping them from danger physically. Though, I can imagine that people would only eat some of the things he forbid if they were desperately hungry.

Friendship Question: What is something crazy that you ate out of experimentation or desperation?

Faith: The blessing of obedience

In Jeremiah 35, the Rechabites have been given huge blessings for their obedience. We have not measured up to this level. We’ve never keep all the requirements of God for a single hour. Praise God for Jesus. Because of his obedience we get the benefit of his blessings!

Faith question: Share one way that you are personally grateful for the work of Jesus in your life where you get the blessing. Name an area of life that you have recently seen the the benefit of the gospel: marriage, parenting, friendships, work?

Focus: Bringing the Gospel

In Acts 6, the disciples assign 6 people to bring it: to intentionally and personally bring prayer and scripture into all parts of their life and community.

Focus Question: Think about your positions in the community, family, work, etc. What is one place you can bring prayer and scripture to one of those areas this week?

Tuesday’s Readings: Leviticus 12, 2 Kings 25, Jeremiah 36, Acts 7
Wednesday’s Readings: Leviticus 13, 1 Chronicles 1, Jeremiah 37, Acts 8
Thursday’s Readings: Leviticus 14, 1 Chronicles 2, Jeremiah 38, Acts 9
Friday’s Readings: Leviticus 15, 1 Chronicles 3, Jeremiah 39, Acts 10
Saturday’s Readings: Psalm 61, Psalm 62, Psalm 63


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